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Break through the messaging clutter with SMS and video‐based marketing to engage your customers, drive loyalty, and deliver exceptional lifetime value from your existing customer base.



Integrated tools that give marketers the power to quickly and easily


Integrated tools that give marketers the power to quickly and easily


Connect. Curate. Secure. Protect. Build.

Expand your business's reach using Linkshot's easy‐to‐use module and features.

Connect with your audience
LinkShot’s features enable easy‐to‐use SMS messaging. Set up keywords and short codes to establish an open line of communication with your audience to facilitate simple messaging, automated reminders, mobile coupons, referral tracking, and more.
SMS messages yield a 99% open rate (Singlepoint)
95% are read within the first 3 minutes (Forbes)
SMS is the most available data service in the world
Curate your audience data
Generate fully customizable and targeted digital marketing campaigns to capture audience member data through any website or social media platform. Compile and segment your audience data to more effectively engage with your followers and generate new opportunities.
Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time from start to finish
Effortlessly manage millions of records in one easy‐to‐use location
Reach customizable segments of your audience using our intelligent tools
Content Management System
Secure your content and protect your brand
LinkShot’s cloud‐based content management system facilitates easy storage, tagging, and publishing through a user‐friendly client team portal.
Easily publish your video/image/audio/text content from your client portal
Use LinkShot or ad server hosted content as ad sources in your own LinkShot hosted videos
Automatically transcode your videos to HLS, MP4, and 3GPP for real‐time device‐appropriate delivery via universal short link
Manage content publishing roles through specific user permissions for your organization
Build your mobile presence
Deliver mobile‐friendly content and engaging data capture campaigns that compliments your company’s existing web presence. Create a customizable, out‐of‐the‐box microsite incorporating your curated content
Automatically curate your microsite using tags and content type filtering
31% of the US population uses their smartphone to look for product information (We are Social)
In 2018, there are 234.8 million unique mobile users in the US (We are Social)
Make your content work for you
Integrate in‐line advertisements and control where your ads will be placed in your video content. Easily generate ad inventory right from your client portal.
Use any LinkShot or ad server hosted content as ad sources in your own LinkShot hosted videos
Protect your brand with full control over your video ad environment
Insert video or image ads anywhere in your LinkShot hosted video content
Provide clickable calls‐to‐action and optionally skip through your ads
Increase your bottom line by efficiently delivering highly interactive advertising campaigns


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